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Criminal Investigation, Gunshot residue &
Crime Scene Analysis

· Gunshot Residue Analysis & Firearms Analysis: Bryan Burnett has been active in gunshot residue research for twenty years and is a published authority on gunshot residue. He has numerous research papers in the field (Bryan's CV). Bryan has studied many aspects of gunshot residue (GSR).

· Crime-Scene Reconstruction: Bryan Burnett is a court-qualified as crime-scene reconstruction expert and he has published reconstructions. Crime scenes are often quite complex and might require the expertise of more than one person to generate a reconstruction.


· Nikon Labophotpol Compound Microscope: A high quality microscope with polarizing and imaging capabilities.

· Bausch & Lomb Stereo7 Stereomicroscope: A high quality stereomicroscope with imaging capabilities.

· Macroimaging With A Computar Or Optems Macrozoom Lens & Pixera 600CL

Article on Macroimaging

Scientific Digital Camera:
This system can achieve an extraordinary depth of field, which greatly exceeds the depth of field of obtainable by film back cameras and matches or exceeds that of the scanning electron microscope.

· Pixera 600CL Digital Camera: Meixa Tech uses the Pixera 600CL for virtually all imaging with the compound and stereo microscopes as well as macro imaging. The 600CL is capable of obtaining 2700 x 2100 pixel resolution, which provides images that are close to the resolution of a film-back camera. The CCD of the 600CL is cooled thus allowing for a truly remarkable sensitivity.


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