Corey Lyons Case

The murders of Daniel Lyons and Barbara Scharton

Of the more than 300 cases I have analyzed over the last twenty years, this case represents the most bizarre and disturbing. The defendant, Corey Lyons, was alleged by the prosecution to have murdered his brother, Daniel Lyons, sister-in-law, Barbara Scharton, and acted alone. Corey had motive to commit the homicides and according to the prosecution theory entered the home of the victims, committed the homicides and quickly left. However, the analysis of the crime scenes shows that the assailant or assailants did not quickly leave the scene after the homicides. As will be seen by the crime scene analyses, there were likely two or more assailants who remained at the scene for a time after the homicides, removed evidence (shotgun casings and a bloody cloth) and at least one personal item of the victims.

The prosecution's case was flawed in practically every aspect. The gunshot residue evidence, as presented to the jury, was totally wrong. The crime scene processing was incredibly flawed. The prosecution's crime scene expert ignored evidence he participated generating in his reconstruction. That reconstruction can only be described as infantile.

The behavior of the Corey Lyon's defense attorney, Robert Sanger, was the most bizarre I have ever experienced. Despite my generating a large amount of exculpatory evidence, Mr Sanger refused to put me on the stand, the reason I still do not understand. Mr. Sanger also requested that I stop my investigation early on; claiming there was no more compensation available for me to complete my analysis, despite Mr. Lyons being indigent. My compensation would have been through the Court. Ethically, I cannot and will not stop an investigation midway due to a sudden lack of compensation. I completed my analysis pro bono.

The defendant, Corey Lyons, was convicted of the murder of his brother, Daniel, and sister-in-law, Barbara Scharton. He is now serving two life terms without the possibility of parole.

Bryan Burnett

The gunshot residue evidence: SCIENCE TO JUNK SCIENCE.pdf

Open access published article:

Bryan R. Burnett. 2018. An Extraordinary Crime Scene. GSL Journal of Forensic Research 1(1):1-31.

or Download here: HOMICIDES.pdf



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